Il paese incantato                               Published @ Fisheye Magazine

2019 - 2020

This series of images explores the passage of my path over the last two years of my life. I want to create a magical environment, made of symbols and forms that I try to imagine and compose in a space that is not always defined or studied. From Sicily to France,
the people around me become the actors of small scenes of an intimate and improvised theatre.

Unconsciously, a fracture in a wall, a bent tree bring me back to sensations experienced while growing up. I try to photograph in this way (like a quotation from my memory) through the continuous change of seasons and landscapes that are the settings of my fictions. All these forms, all these actors are part of this "enchanted country" that I create for myself and share through my images... the attempt of a photographic portrait, a poetic crossing that tests my fears, my joys, my constant changes, my odyssey of life.